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Navarre Beach Wedding Photographers Stacey Green approaches wedding photography combining photojournalism with family portraiture. She has the ability to see and photograph a wedding as though it were a photo essay. Her patient approach lets her capture moments as they unfold as she photographs everything from close-up details of flowers and dresses, to emotion filled faces.

Wedding Photographer Stacey Green is one of Navarre Beach Florida’s best wedding and portrait photographer’s. Stacey Green is a National Photographer famous for Florida Wedding Photography and beach wedding portraiture. Stacey Green’s style is photojournalistic wedding and portrait photography. Breath taking sunsets on the Emerald Coast will be the backdrop for your Navarre beach wedding by Stacey Green.

Why Navarre Beach Florida Photographers Prefers Digital Wedding Photography

We prefer digital Navarre Beach wedding photography because it is easier on our work flow and more convenient for our clients to be able to view their wedding proofs on-line. Digital wedding photography also provides an accurate color balance, and more usable images are captured. One of the best parts of digital image capture is the ability to quickly change white balance as the lighting changes. This is great when moving from inside to outdoors frequently.

Viewing the photograph in the camera’s LCD lets you know the result immediately using digital Navarre Beach wedding photography. It allows us to see if we captured the image or we need to take another shot. If there is time during the wedding we will download some images to the laptop we always take with us for our wedding parties to see. Another thing we really likes about digital wedding photography is that you can shoot a lot of pictures and not worry about how much it costs to view your finished product.

What’s In Our Camera Bags

Our wedding camera is a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark IV Digital SLR, and we keep a Canon EOS 5D MK IV Digital SLR camera as back-up. Our Canon L Series Lenses include the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM, and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens . For lighting, we uses a Canon Speedlite 600EX II on-camera flash for fill and candid interiors. The Canon Speedlite 600EX IIcan be tilted upward for ceiling bounce mode or using a white reflective card for direct fill.

Our most commonly used ISO setting is 100, there’s plenty of light on the beach with a full frame Digital SLR and 80mm objective diameter L Series lenses. Our standard complement of memory cards are SanDisk Extreme  CompactFlash. We carry two 32GB, two 32GB SanDisk Extreme  CompactFlash cards. We run around a lot and have two sets of batteries in our Canon Pro Grips on the 5D. Canon Pro Grips are a must have for long duration wedding photography coverage.

The Areas We Cover For Wedding Photography

Navarre Beach Florida photographers cover the entire Emerald Coast and state of Florida for Beach Wedding Photography and Wedding Photography. Navarre Beach photographers are Destination Wedding Photographers.

Wedding Information

Your Navarre Beach wedding photography is much more than just another one of the many services associated with your wedding. It is the most important part of your wedding memories. The photographic story of your wedding day is really all that you will have long after the flowers have faded, long after you have celebrated your first anniversary and the cake topper is history, you will have beautiful, wonderful memories of your wedding day. By choosing to incorporate one of our elegant wedding albums, your memories will remain vivid and archived for future generations.

Wedding Photography Information

Your Wedding photography coverage options are linked to our various pricing and packages. I am very flexible with time frames and open to creating customized packages specifically to match your schedule on your wedding day. I arrive on site well ahead of scheduled times just to make sure that ample time is available for the placement and set up of equipment. I utilize an assistant at weddings. Once set up and the shooting of the formal portraits begins my assistant maintains the flow by having the subjects ready for the various groupings. Our packages are structured to allow ample time for posed formal shots before your actual wedding service, coverage during the service, finalize remaining posed portraits, and complete reception coverage, highlighting all of the special moments and capturing even the small details of flowers, food and decorations.

Web Hosting and On-line Print Ordering of Your Wedding Pictures

Our Studio will host the proof images of your wedding on-line. Imagine…your own Navarre Beach wedding picture web site! Easy to access by your family and friends this is an excellent way to share your wedding memories with distant relatives and friends. In addition your family and friends can order their own prints through our web-hosting feature. This relieves you of the responsibility as well as providing the convenience so that your family and friends can order directly from home or work. Proofs will be available on-line for 60 days after your wedding date.

Navarre Beach Bridal Portrait Sessions

This is a portrait session at the actual beach wedding location or Chapel. There are so many time constraints placed on the bride and Groom on the actual wedding day that even when time is allotted for formal portraits prior to your wedding, there will almost always be a rush or interruptions as family and friends arrive for the wedding ceremony, or perhaps the facility imposes time limitations. When shooting the posed formal shots after the wedding there is always the stress of knowing that 200 guests are waiting for the Bride and Groom to arrive at the reception. A bridal portrait session does not totally replace the posed formal shots taken at a wedding. There will still be groupings with the bridal and groom’s parties and family groupings that will be taken at the wedding. The real benefit of a separate session such as this is that there is so much more time that can be spent on these very important portraits, you will look your best with out the distractions. Total attention is focused on you the Bride and the Groom only in a relaxed atmosphere with out a rush. These are the ultimate prints that will adorn your walls and mantle and will be the showcase of your wedding prints. You will not have the stress and excitement of your wedding day during these portraits, we will be completely able to apply creative options and techniques, maybe you even want to try out different hair styles, time is a relaxing luxury during these bridal sessions. This also serves as a trial run for make up, hair, dress, and shoes.

Travel and Destination Weddings

I am available for travel to your wedding. I have photographed several out of state events both through ground transportation and air travel. Expenses for travel out side of the Greater Emerald Coast, FL area are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The first step in booking Navarre Beach Wedding Photographers

Saturdays are the prime days for Weddings; the first step is to make sure that we are not yet booked for your date. Call 850.398.7796 or email us on our contact form to check available dates. Wedding dates are not held or confirmed until a signed contract and booking fee is received.

Navarre Beach Engagement Portraits Available

An Engagement Portrait Session includes prints from your Engagement Session as well as a digital image file for newspaper submission. Navarre Beach Engagement Session proofs are provided via Internet Proofing. Engagement sessions have proven to be a great way to provide you with great pictures for newspaper submissions and allow a wonderful opportunity for interaction with the wedding couple.

Booking Fee

To confirm the Navarre Beach wedding date a signed contract along with a booking fee of half the contract value is required. Dates are not held on a tentative basis. The booking fee amount applies to the balance of your overall wedding coverage package. Full payment of any balance is due the day of the wedding date.

Navarre Beach FL Wedding Photographers Photo List

When you meet us and have our first consultation it is a great idea to supply your Navarre Beach FL Wedding Photographers with a list of moments that are important to you. Pick and choose from these photo ops, keeping in mind that each shot should take about four-six minutes and our time at sunset is limited.

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